In Vision 2025, we target doubling our annual revenues to $8 billion, expanding operating margins to 20%, and generating 15% ROIC. To read more, click here


Drive >5% organic growth.

In the first year of Vision 2025, Carlisle achieved excellent organic growth of 7.2% across our businesses, notably CCM: 5.1%, CIT: 11.3%, CFT 2.4%, CBF: 16.1%.

Utilize the Carlisle Operating System (COS) consistently to drive efficiencies and operating leverage, reducing costs annually by 1-2% of sales.

In 2018, COS delivered over $70 million of savings and benefits, 1.6% of sales, bringing total ten-year savings and benefits to over $340 million. We continue to focus on operational excellence and expanding COS from the factory floor across all business processes.

Re-shape the portfolio with synergistic acquisitions while we continue to review and optimize our assets.

After divesting Carlisle FoodService Products for $758 million, we deployed over $200 million on five strategic acquisitions. These acquisitions included:

  • Petersen Aluminum Corporation, which closed in January 2019, a manufacturer and distributor of market leading architectural metal roof panels for commercial, residential, institutional, industrial and agricultural markets to expand our Metal Roofing product line.
  • Sunlast Metals and Premium Panels, two small but geographically important metal roofing companies that complement our Metal Roofing growth strategy.
  • Tenencia, a strategic U.K. based engineering and certification firm that will help accelerate share gains at European aerospace customers.
  • Redgroup, a medical engineering and design company that will further strengthen our product pipeline with their significant relationships at medical OEs.

Continue to invest in and develop exceptional talent.

We continued to make progress in 2018 towards developing a world-class Talent Development organization by leveraging scale and driving synergies across our businesses. Carlisle continued to expand efforts to identify future leaders by offering robust career development programs and filling open positions through promotions when possible. Our key talent leadership development programs are gaining traction: The Carlisle Leadership Foundation (CLF) developed for skilled contributors who have recently advanced to their first leadership roles, The Carlisle Leadership Program (CLP) for senior manager or director level employees who have led teams and demonstrated potential to move into senior leadership positions, and the Carlisle Leadership Summit (CLS) intended to further develop senior, high potential employees.

Deploy over $3 billion into capital expenditures, share repurchases, and dividends.

In year one of Vision 2025, Carlisle returned to shareholders a record amount of capital totaling over $550 million through:

  • A record $460 million of share repurchases, with Board authorization to purchase up to an additional 5 million shares.
  • $93.5 million of dividends paid, raising dividends in 2018 for the 42nd consecutive year.
  • Investment of $120.7 million into our businesses to drive organic growth.